I’ve Missed This Thing

So, it turns out I’ve missed having a personal website.

As we’ve all shuffled over to social media (I still dislike that term), in my case slightly begrudgingly (I didn’t even start using Facebook until last year), it feels like short-form communication has become the norm and more and more we’ve left more considered writing to those more qualified or who could be bothered.

That hands the control of the all the “stuff” we push out to the internet in the hands of, well, God knows who. I’m particularly disappointed with what has become the mess of the new Flickr, a site which I used to be a big supporter of. Despite filling it with years worth of content, I really don’t like how it’s now managed.

I want a place completely under my control where I can display my photos, talk about projects I have coming along, try to become a better writer, and occasionally throw out some hopefully worthwhile thoughts — kinda like the good ol’ days when all the best geeks had blogs.

So, all in all, it feels good to brush the cobwebs off, apply a fresh coat of paint, and have a place completely under my control where I can hang my virtual hat.

So, yeah — this thing’s back.


Photo: Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah.